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Have you noticed all the construction happening at the corner of Keystone Avenue and 5th Street in Reno?

 Take a look at the video here:


KRNV Story:

The Keystone Commons development faced many questions from big retailers when the pandemic stalled the project. However, luck is turning for founders of the project as one of Reno’s most popular chains signs on to join the development.

When COVID hit, it absolutely turned everything off because nobody knew where the world was going. So all the tenants were concerned, and rightfully so.

That’s according to Blake Smith, founder of S3 Development, the Reno-based developer that has broken ground on the new development near downtown Reno.

Smith, a native Nevadan, said the pandemic pushed the entire 10-acre development nine months to one year behind.

S3 Development has partnered up with Ensemble Real Estate Investments to revitalize this undeveloped area off of 1-80, and west of downtown Reno. The Keystone Commons development will feature 5th and Vine Apartments, which will be located on the east side of the property. The 305 unit apartment complex is set to break ground by the first quarter of next year.


The long-awaited ingredient coming to this new development? The new In-N-Out Burger being built.

Smith says he is most excited about this development, as burger lovers won’t have to drive Pyramid Way or South Reno to get their animal fries fix.

Here is a statement In-N-Out’s VP of Real Estate, Carl Arena, has to stay about the new upcoming property:

We are still proceeding through the building permitting process. Once we do begin construction on a new location, it usually takes us 5 to 6 months to build the restaurant and open for business…We do know that Reno is a fantastic community, and we are definitely looking forward to having this great location near downtown Reno to serve our customers.

Other retailers that have signed onto the project include, Port of Subs, Chipotle, and Starbucks.

The development is about more than just retailers and new apartments, says Smith.

He and his development team, which includes his son, Blake Smith Jr., want to create a space that gets people’s attention when driving past the area.

They plan to accomplish this by having their retailers located on the ground floor, and above it, an upper level on the south end of the building that will feature a restaurant with a perfect view of the Sierra.

Smith tells News 4 they are building the 42,000 square foot retail space right now, as well as building the pad for the apartment complex. The soonest project to come out of the ground will be the Starbucks, slated for this August.


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