Ask Joe: What’s being built at corner of S. Virginia and Longley Lane in Reno?

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Our construction project in South Reno was recently featured on My News 4. Take a look at the article below!



From the Ask Joe file there is a lot of construction happening around town these days and one of my co-workers asked about one in particular.

Kenzie Margiott, our content manager here in the newsroom, noticed a lot of construction happening at the corner of South Virginia Street and Longley Lane and she wants to know what’s happening there?

Here’s what I found out:

The lot at the corner of South Virginia and Longley is right across from the Winners Crossing gas station and Napa Sonoma South.

It is busy these days with a lot of construction activity. I checked with the city and the real estate broker on this. They tell me this is going to be a new apartment complex and a pretty big one.

According to Jon Humbert with the city of Reno Tanamara is building there.

It is going to be a three story apartment complex with 330 units total.

Right now they are working on grading the lot. The broker on the deal told me the project is expected to be complete in 10-12 months.

So more housing is in the pipeline. These will be higher end apartments that Tanamera is known for. A few years back there were signs that a movie theater was going to be built at that lot but these days with the growing demand for housing the developer decided that was a better use of that property. So more apartments coming on-line by this time next year.

Thanks to Kenzie for sending in that question. She does a great job handling all the phone calls and story ideas and keeping things on track in the newsroom every day which is not an easy job.

Remember if you have questions you’d like to ask, send me an email or reach out on Facebook and I’ll do my best to track down the answers you are looking for.

Click here for the original My News 4 Link and full video. 

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